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Israeli Tech Startup gets FDA Nod for COVID-19 Solution

AI Powered Medical Analytics Solutions provider to enable healthcare personals to monitor patient predicted risk levels.


Israeli medical analytics startup Clew announced on Tuesday that it received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its ICU solution, which allows healthcare providers to help identify patients at risk of being diagnosed with respiratory failure or hemodynamic instability, two common complications associated with COVID-19.

Founded in 2014, Clew developed a real-time AI analytics platform designed to help providers make better-informed clinical decisions by predicting life-threatening medical complications.

Clew says its AI models were trained on nearly 100,000 patients in the ICUs, and are also intended for tele-ICU. Its platform adjusts to cope with patient volume surges, reducing a caregiver’s exposure risk to infected patients, according to the company

The solution, called Clew-ICU, integrates caregiving of local and remote teams while managing the workflow and streamlining patient care.

“Healthcare providers need more than simple analytics. Systems need to integrate into the provider’s workflow, offering ease of use and actionable data. The CLEWICU platform is designed to enable healthcare providers to monitor patient predicted risk levels across all units in real-time allowing for smart decision making about clinical resource allocation, ensuring prompt, proactive and efficient patient care” said Clew CEO Gal Salomon, in a statement.


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