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Data science is an inter-disciplinary field of Study which  uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structured  and unstructured data. Data science is inter related  to big data ,data mining and machine learning. In a larger context Data Scientist Means – It is  the  fourth steam of science (empirical, theoretical/study based, computational and subsequently leading to data-driven). It is further established that science is becoming highly dynamic due to impact of information technology  and the confluence of data into it.

Key Expertise required to be a Data Scientist

It is seen that  data scientists do often come from many different backgrounds including educational, domain expertise which ideally it is anticipated to be strong domain expert, or in an ideal case be experts in the following four fundamental areas.  To be a good Data Scientist the following expertise/ skillsets are recommended.

  • Business/Domain Knowledge
  • Mathematics (includes statistics and probability)
  • Computer science (e.g., software/data architecture and engineering)
  • Communication (both written and verbal)

What does data scientist do?

As a Data scientist the following  goals and deliverables are anticipated.  

  • Prediction (for example predict a value based on inputs)
  • Classification (for example spam or not spam)
  • Recommendations (for example Amazon and Netflix recommendations)
  • Pattern detection and grouping (e.g., classification without known classes)
  • Anomaly detection (for example fra for example ud detection)
  • Recognition (for example image, text, audio, video, facial)
  • Actionable insights (for example dashboards, reports, visualizations,)
  • Automated processes and decision-making (for example credit card approval)
  • Scoring and ranking (for example FICO score)
  • Segmentation (for example demographic-based marketing)
  • Optimization (for example risk management)
  • Forecasts ( for example sales and revenue)

Hence while selecting a Training institute for Data Scientist Course –  whether Data Scientist Online Course or real time class room course Data Scientist Certification course– The course structure should include the above.

Data Scientist Tools

Data Scientist Qualification includes computer coding as  the primary component in Data Science professional. A data scientists resume must include – proficient in coding languages including  Java, Python,  R, Julia, Scala, SQL, etc. while it’s not necessary to be an expert programmer in all of the above, but R, Data Scientist with Python, and SQL are definitely key to the onward growth in a  Data Scientist Career. The  others software skills such as Scala for big data which are widely becoming prominent these days.

  • The Data Scientist Resume should also include statistical expertise which comes from  mathematics, algorithms, Maths modelling. For data visualization, data scientists usually use packages and libraries wherever needed including the popular ones such as  Matplotlib, D3, Shiny,ggplot2,Scikit-learn, e1071, Pandas, Numpy, TensorFlow etc. For reporting, the data scientists normally  use notebooks and frameworks such as Jupyter, iPython, Knitr, and R markdown. These are extremely  powerful softwares and data are  delivered along with key results. Further Data Scientist Project  tools associated with big data are also used largely  including Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, Drill, Presto, Mahout etc.
  • On the database side the  data scientists should have substantial knowledge of  top RDBMS, NoSQL, and NewSQL database management systems including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, and HBase.

Some of the Top Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

360digiTMG -In Collaboration with IBM is imparting Data Science Course in Hyderabad. 360DigiTMG has introduced the most comprehensive Data Science. The various stages of the Data Science Lifecycle are explored in the trajectory of this Data Science certification course. This Data Science training in Hyderabad begins with an introduction to Statistics, Probability, Python, and R programming. The student will then conceptualize Data Preparation, Data Cleansing, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Data Mining  (Supervised and Unsupervised). Comprehend the theory behind Feature Engineering, Feature Extraction, and Feature Selection. Participants will also learn to perform Data Mining(Supervised) with Linear Regression and Predictive Modeling with Multiple Linear Regression Techniques. Data Mining Unsupervised using Clustering, Dimension Reduction, and Association Rules are also dealt with in detail.     Contact +91 9989994319 Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Kelly Technologies is a leading IT & Software training institute which offers pure industry-centric Data Science Training in Hyderabad. This Data Science training helps the students to master their knowledge in the tools & applications of Data Science right from the basics to the core. Also, students will get trained from the hands of certified trainers who are having many years worth relevant industry working experience. By being a part of this Data Science Course In Hyderabad, participants will get to learn advanced topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and TensorFlow, along with Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, Text Mining, Hadoop and Apache Spark, Big Data Analytics and many more. By successfully completing our Data Science Training In Hyderabad program, you will be awarded with a course completion certification. This Data Science training certification will act as a gateway for the rising career opportunities across the top Multinational companies. Contact Details :  9885706789  Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Digital Nest Offers Data Science courses in Hyderabad, India. Data science Courses are now high in demand.  As Data Science is now an integral part of every organization to take decisions. It is also called as predictive analytics for commercial purpose. Data Science training in Hyderabad is now in demand. Digital Nest offers Data Science course at 2 primary locations in Hyderabad one is at Panjagutta which is located near the training hub of Ameerpet and one which is at the Hitech city, the silicon valley of Hyderabad where there are 100’s of software companies. Digital Nest has the best faculty who hail from IIT Madras who also work for TOP Notch MNCs like Bank of America, Amazon & Franklin Templeton. We have done vigorous research in finding the right faculty for the data science courses. The tough job of this kind of course is it involves many modules which cannot be taught by the single trainer. Contact Details : 8088998664 Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

SocialPrachar Provides Best Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad with Certified Trainers. Data Science Course is in Big Demand now with #1 Place in National and International Job Market. We also Provide Data Science Classroom Training in Kukatpally Housing Board Colony (KPHB), Hyderabad and Data Science online Training for the people outside Hyderabad. 3000+ Trainees Rated us as Best Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad. Register now for our data science 3 months exclusive training program includes Training on Advanced data science course which includes R, Python, Statistics, ML, DL using Tensor flow and Keras, Computer Vision, Neural Networks.  Master Advanced Data Science Course Includes Python, Statistics, Machine Learning, R Programming, SQL, Tableau, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, NLP, Computer Vision EtcGet 45,000 Worth of 6 Months Course,20+ Projects, Dedicated job support for just 25,000 INR – Only 6 slots left – Get your offer Now.Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Innomatics Research Labs provides various Data Science courses. It has the the following features.18+ Data Science Industry experts from fortune 500 companies. Dedicated In-house data scientist team accessible round the clock. 200+ Hours of intensive practical oriented training. Data science Internship on our projects & products. 30+ POCs and use cases to work, learn and experiment. 200+ professionals trained in the last three months. 5+ products already developed and ready to be deployed. Eight parallel Data science batches running currently on both weekdays and weekends. Bi-weekly Industry connects from industry experts from various sectors. Project and use-cases derived from businesses. Opportunity to participate in meet-ups, hackathons, and conferences. Dedicated training programs for NON-IT professionals. New batch on every Monday and Saturday for working and non-working professionals.  Contact: 9951666670. Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Intellipaat’s Data Science training course in Hyderabad, you will learn Data Analytics, statistical modeling, Machine Learning algorithms, recommendation engines, text mining, Naïve Bayes, and more. Moving forward in this training , you will also gain knowledge about statistical R calculations, building movie recommendation systems, developing ecommerce recommendation engines, and using market basket analytics in retail. Register for this best Data Science training in Hyderabad now!Key Features includes 42 Hrs Instructor Led Training.28 Hrs Self-paced Videos.56 Hrs Data Scientist Project work & Exercises. Certification and Job Assistance. Flexible Schedule. Lifetime Free Upgrade.24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access.

Inventateq -JOB Oriented DATA SCIENCE CERTIFICATION TRAINING -Instructor-Led Online Classes.Learn Data Science Online Course from the comfort of your home with INVENTATEQ, Enroll now to get  New batch sessions starts this week,Get Trained and Get Employed!Learn Data Science using Python, R, Julia by Working on Real Projects Designed by Industry,Professionals & Get the Best Jobs in Top MNCs. India’s Top Ranked Analytics Program.  Contact : 76-76-76-5421. Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Orien IT is providing some of the best training in market with the best teaching standards and analysis. Best teaching standards and all-time assistance. Technical explanation using real-time examples and assignments. Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Analytics Path is the most reputed Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad that has come up with main aim to deliver comprehensive and high effective sessions to all the Data Science career aspiring individuals. In this advanced Data Science course delivered by the industry experts improves knowledge in incorporating decision-making and performance to advance your career goals. Data Science Training in Hyderabad and Certification is delivered after the course completion to get placed in reputed companies.program include aspects involving Data Scientist Toolbox,R Programming and Getting and cleaning Data,• Exploratory Data analysis,Statistical Inference,Reproducible Research,Regression Models,Developing data products,Practical Machine Learning,Data Science capstone. Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Conclusion:  The list of Top Data Science Training Institutes in Hyderabad will be continuously updated by adding new institutes as an when we get the reviews from upcoming Training Institutes providing Data Science Training Courses

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