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Facebook for business

Facebook for business.

Facebook for business – How to Take your Business to the next level

Every Small and Medium commercial enterprise SME have to be on Facebook if they intend to take Business to the next level. At present and in the future Social Media Presence is fast becoming next to mandatory for every organization to grow your business to the next level

Why Facebook Business Page for SME?

Does this ring bell !

With over 2.27 billion Monthly user base, SME  can use Facebook for business in various ways  to sell its goods and services, wider outreach to target audience, increase customer base and increase wider recognition of its products and services.

Most SME have a resistance that using Facebook for business purpose may be a difficult task and hard to manage while managing its traditional day to day business matters  – Its is Myth. Facebook infact on a routine basis changes its algorithms to ensure ease of doing Business on FB. With proper social media marketing Business Plans and strategies in place , Facebook is one of the ideal platform to promote Business. Focusing on Target audience and promoting it through paid promotional programs  will draw the attention of  target customer group to your Business Page.

Step by Step procedure  to create a Facebook Business page and using it to the best interest of your Business.


Set up a Facebook for business Page – Create a unique  commercial enterprise Page in minutes. Here’s what you’ll need to know while creating your Facebook Business Page.

1.Business name and description of your entity.

Your Facebook Business page name should exactly match the Legal Business Name of your enterprises. You can also use the specialized name which best describes your product or services and that which most  people search for to find your business. Most importantly Use the About section to inform  people what exactly your business does.

2.  A profile photo and cover photo matters a lot.

Choose an image which best  represent your Facebook for business page and also add your personal profile. Many SME use their company logo as the profile photo. For cover photo you can add an image of your shop/factory/ products or services.

3. What do you expect from visitor to your page.

You expect the visitor to your page to either visit your website or read the product or service Content – Yes !!!  So here at the top of your FB Page, you can add a button (call to action) which directs your Page visitors to do something, such as visit your website or phone your shop. It takes a few clicks to create that tab – which is very important a task for customer conversion.

You may watch the video to follow the step by step procedure to create a facebook business page

Congratulations – Your facebook Business Page is created

So what’s next after you have created a Page?

The moment you’ve created your company’s  Facebook for business page, the real challenge begins. Its time for social media management to connect with your target audiance. Your business should continuasly evolve Media Management stratagies.

You should regularly create content and engage with your potential customers (followers). Here’s how to use it to market your products and services.

Publish new content material.
Ensure that your Page got to be lively and informative before you begin selling your goods or services. Keep adding New images, business trends updates on whats happening in your industry. This will help you in driving your customers more and more times to your page to understand the trends in your sector and offerings if any.  You can extend the outreach of your posts beyond your Page followers by promoting  your posts and selecting the type of audience  you want to connect with through paid promotions.

Start messaging.

Let your potential customers send your business private messages and ask questions about your product, make suggestions. Facebook Messenger is automatically integrated with your Page, this will help your business to have common or private connect with customers.

Add unique features to your page.
To make your Page more user friendly and informative to potential customers – you can add special content to your Facebook Page, such as promo offers, cupon code or displaying your menu/product catalogue, listing your services or showcasing your products pics  with a shop section.

Promote your Page.
Once your Page has been set up, send invites to  your potential  customers requesting them to  connect and follow your Facebook Page. Your invite should be two pronged 1.For latest update on the Products and the 2. products or services your business offers. You can also run ad campaigns  to find brand-new followers. You can post discounts or deals. This is one of the easiest way to attract potential customers to come to your Facebook page. One other way is to tell customers to like your page and download a promo code / discount code  on it.

Keep improving.
Do analytics of your FB Business on a weekely basis. Very simple process – Just Click on Insights which is at the top of your Page to see how people are engaging with your business – The resulting page shows you on  how many people you’re reaching with your posts and which content they like best. Seeing how your Page is performing can help you to define a better content strategy. Use publishing tools as much as possible. Facebook Publishing Tools helps create amazing videos, advertisement contents, event promotion content, Offers/Promo contents and many more . You don’t need to be a tech savvy to use the Facebook Publishing Tools.


As an SME you should use both the traditional and digital platforms to promote your products and services. And the best in the social media platform is Facebook for Business. I reccomond all SMEs to make best use of it to take your Business to the next level.

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