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Kotlin Tutorial

Kotlin Tutorial

Kotlin Tutorial

Modern technology is changing dynamically. It is more disrupted and  multi-functional covering all devices including Desktop,laptops, handheld devices such as Mobile Phones,Tabs, wearable devices such as smartwatch health tracking devices, nevertheless the IOT Devices including Alexa Siri,Google assistants etc. Disruption in computing power has fiarly made Computational devices increasingly faster,portable, and higher-powered than never seen before. With all of these disruptive technologies, technology has also made our lives significantly easier, faster, better, and more fun. 

Every Disruptive Technology comes with a band of codes embedded to run its functionalities.  In the recent past we have been hearing more about Kotlin Programming Language.  In this post we have tried to created a repository of Kotlin Tutorial through various video tutorials by top notch geeks in the field. But before we go – lets understand

What is Kotlin ? Defination & History of Kotlin

Kotlin Programming Language fundamentally works as a cross-platform, statically typed, All(general) purpose coding language with type inference. Kotlin coding are designed in a manner for easy inter operatibility with Java, and the Java Virtual Machine JVM version of Kotlin’s standard library depends on the Java Class Library. The Kotlin type inference fairly allows its syntax to be more concise hence Kotlin is more known as a modern coding language -that the reason Kotlin makes developers comfortable and happier while developing android and IOS applications. While the Kotlin Coding was developed in 2011 but in 2019, Google formally recognized Kotlin programming language as its preferred language for Android application development, Hence it is most popularly used by Android developers worldwide. The emergence  of kotlin  language has been largely influenced by prominent programming languages such as   Swift,Scala,Python,ML,Java,Groovy,GOSU,,Eiffel,C# .

Apart from Android – Kotlin works on all the other Platforms including JVM,iOS, macOS, watchOS,tvOS,Windows,Linux,JavaScript (Kotlin/JS),WebAssembly,LLVM (Kotlin/Native)

Why Kotlin? Salient features of Kotlin

  • The language is Concise and it significantly reduces the number of boilerplate code
  • Its Safe. The coding Avoids the entire classes of errors during application development (for e.g. null pointer exceptions)
  • Interoperability is the fundamental advantage of Kotlin. It fully Leverages existing libraries for the JVM, Android, and the browser.
  • Tool friendly. Imaging – Kotlin developers can Choose any Java IDE or can build their apps from the command line

In order to fully understand the kotlin Tutorial It is reccomonded that you must have the basic coding skills of Java,JVM,Android App Development. It makes easier to understand the concept

Video Tutorials .

This topic  KOTLIN Tutorial   serves as a Kotlin crash-course to get android developers  up and running quickly.  It has a series of videos which helps Beginners and professional Android Application Developers to quickly grasp coding syntax and tools used for developing applications.

Video Tutorial 1

kotlin tutorial for Beginners

Through the following  Video Kotlin Tutorial programming language. It covers topics such as  introduction to Kotlin. Kotlin as a general purpose, open source, pragmatic programming language. It is used widely used in many applications  including Android application development.

Video Tutorial 2   on Learn Kotlin

kotlin tutorial    Full Course  in 4 Hours | Kotlin Tutorial –  by Edureka

In the following  video you will be able to learn Kotlin through Edureka Full Course video which will help you to understand the fundamentals of Kotlin  and Kotlin programming language from scratch. This Kotlin Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals. Below are the topics covered in this Kotlin Android Tutorial by Edureka

The Topics covered in the Kotlin Tutorial includes  

History of Kotlin, What is Kotlin? Features of Kotlin,How to setup Kotlin?How to run a Kotlin program?Class & Objects,Data Types,Numbers,Characters,Boolean,Arrays,Type conversion,Operators,Kotlin I/O,Comments in Kotlin,Arrays & Strings,Control Flow Statements,If Statement,For Loop,While Loop,Do-While Loop,When Case,Jump statements,Break,Continue,Return,Functions,Generic Functions

Lambda Functions,Data Classes,Kotlin annotations,Collections,Lists,Sets,Maps,Inheritance

Range,Regular Expression,Null Safety,Exception Handling,Kotlin & Java,Kotlin vs Java

Advantages of Kotlin,Disadvantages of Kotlin,

Kotlin Tutorial Video No.3

kotlin tutorial Programming for Android Beginners Tutorial – FREE COURSE- Overview by Smartherd  

In the following Kotlin Tutorial – Learn Kotlin  for Beginners – the tutorial course for Kotlin Programming include  Android mobile application  development in IntelliJ IDEA.  The total Course duration is three to four hours in which the Students will be mentored to dive into details of  core Kotlin concepts in a step by step manner.  At the end of Kotlin Tutorial  course from Smartherd,  the students will  have a strong grasp on the  foundation of Kotlin coding fundamentals.

The Course content in the following Kotlin Tutorial will take you through:

Kotlin Setup and required software Installation,Exploring the first Kotlin application,Built-in Data Types and variable declarations, Loops,Conditional Statements, Functions and Methods,Exception Handling,OPP concepts,Inheritance, Abstract Class, Interface and Polymorphism,Functional Programming: Lambdas and Higher-Order Functions,Kotlin Collection: List, Set, and Map,Predicates, FIlters, Sorting, Kotlin specific concepts: Inline fun, Data class, LateInit, Lazy

kotlin tutorial Video Tutorial 4

Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners | Full Course by Telusko 

In the following video the Students will be able to grasp the concept through which will be covering the following Course Content.

Introduction,Hello World Program,How to create Android Project Using Kotlin,Class & Object,Var Val,Kotlin & Java together,Convert Java & Kotlin ,Decompile Bytecode,Operators,String Template ,If Else Expression ,String Comparison , Null Handling ,When Expression ,

Loop & Range,List & Map, Function Expression,Function calling from Java ,Default and Named Parameters ,String to Integer,Try Expression, Extension Function ,Infix and Operator Overloading,

Recursion,Recursion | Factorial,Tail Recursion ,Constructor ,Secondary Constructor ,Inheritance,Constructor in Inheritance,Abstract class,Interface, Data Class,Object Keyword ,Anonymous inner class, Companion Object,Companion Object,Factory Pattern ,Backtick As Escape Character ,User Input in Kotlin,Array, List, List of Objects ,Higher Order Function,Filter and Map,

Video Tutorial 5

video Tutorial  – For Beginners [Full Course] Kotlin For Android Development by Devslopes

This is the advance Tutorial – In the following Video Tutorial Full Course for Android Developers. The Video Covers the following Content.


Intro to Kotlin,Installing Android Studio on macOS,Installing Android Studio on Windows, Installing Intellij for Kotlin on macOS,Installing Intellij for Kotlin on Windows,Kotlin Variables,Kotlin Strings,Kotlin Numbers & Operators,Kotlin Functions,Kotlin Conditional Logic,Kotlin Collections,Kotlin Loops,

Kotlin Nullability,Kotlin Classes & Inheritance,Kotlin Lambda,Setting Up Android Emulator,Dinner Decider App Part 1,Dinner Decider App Part 2,Dinner Decider App Part 3,Installing to a Real Device from macOS, Installing to a Real Device from Windows,

Video Tutorial No. 6

Kotlin Tutorial

Video Tutorial on Kotlin in 1 hour  Android application development for beginners by Anuj Bhaiya

In this video Mr.Anuj has explained the concepts of learn Kotlin for  beginner in a very friendly manner. This video is targeted  for Android enthusiasts who intends to develop applications  using Android Studio. In this video Tutorial it has  covered  conceptual  topics which will be helpful to get  started  developing Android applications  using Kotlin.

All the topics are mentioned below:

Introduction, Table of Content,Kotlin Playground,String Templates,var and val,Nullable Types,

if-else and when,Arrays,Loops,Ranges,Collection Framework,Functions,Higher-order functions,

OOPS, filter and map, scope function (let, run)

Conclusion:  The way the Post has been made is to enable the aspiring Android and IOS Developers to learn new languages in one go – instead of scouting for resources in different website and youtube channels – here we have given links to all the best Kotlin tutorial at one place.

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